Franchise Package

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Initial investment starts at at £13,000 plus VAT for one territory. Bespoke packages are also available to suit your ambitions and vision. Finance is available through our approved partners HSBC, Nat West and Start Up Loans.

turtle tots package 1

Franchise fee and territory – the franchise permits you to use the Turtle Tots brand exclusively, within a post-coded territory.

Operations documents – an operations manual, plus online library of best practice documents, artwork and videos: everything you need to run your Turtle Tots business.

Specialist and progressive teaching plans – our bespoke Turtle Tots teaching plans, which ensure consistency and quality for all Turtle Tots customers.

Comprehensive Turtle Tots aquatic training – so that your classes will all have the Turtle Tots magic!

turtle tots package 2

Specialist aqua yoga training – bespoke Turtle Tums course to qualify franchisees to teach our aqua-yoga classes.

Practical business training – two days initial hands-on business training at Turtle Towers in Bristol, spending time with every member of the Turtle Towers team to learn about each area of your Turtle Tots business.

Technology – online training to use our bespoke business management system, which allows customers to book and rebook classes online, and you to run your business as effectively and seamlessly as possible.

Website – a mini-site on our website, with a bespoke URL, to allow customers to find you quickly and easily.

turtle tots package 3

Supplies – a comprehensive pack of personalised stationery and marketing materials, branded clothing and teaching equipment.

Merchandise – an initial supply of Turtle Tots branded swimwear for you to sell to your customers.

Online advertising – the setup of a Google Adwords account with three months of advertising spend, to make it easier for your new customers to find you online.

Ongoing support and training – from our dedicated Support & Success Champions, and the entire team at Turtle Towers.

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