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Can anyone become a Turtle Tots franchisee?

Definitely not. We hand pick each franchisee to ensure they are capable of running a successful business, representing the Turtle Tots brand, and share our values. Only the individuals that we feel are truly capable will be offered a Turtle Tots franchise.

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How long is a Turtle Tots franchise agreement?

The franchise agreement is three years long, and renews at the end of every three years (there is no renewal fee). You are free to sell your valuable asset at any time. The longer you have had to establish a loyal client base and build up your turnover the more valuable your asset will be and a successful sale is a normal part of our business strategy together.

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How much time will I spend in the pool?

Every licensee starts their business by teaching their own classes and managing the dry side of their business too. You’ll need to spend your first year completely immersed in your business to ensure it’s launched successfully and you’re on the right path from day one. However, the ultimate goal is to have a team of teachers and staff, and for you to assume a strategic role at the head of your business, overseeing and developing all aspects of it.

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I’ve never run my own business before, will I be lonely?

Just one of the many benefits of a Turtle Tots franchise is that you’ll be joining a community of like-minded business owners, who all want to succeed. Although you’ll have the autonomy of running your own business, you will also have a huge amount of support, not only from the team at Turtle Towers, but also from your peers.

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Do I have to follow your systems and processes?

Turtle Tots is a proven business model. We’ve tested the systems and processes and know they work. This enables us to equip each franchisee with the best tools to run a profitable and successful business. While we don’t feel a need to reinvent the wheel, we are always looking to develop our methods and practises so ideas are welcome. However, if you are a very entrepreneurial person and want to use your own ideas and create your own path, then a Turtle Tots franchise probably isn’t for you.

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I love swimming but I don’t have any business experience, is a Turtle Tots license right for me?

Absolutely. Our franchisees come from a wide variety of different backgrounds and their previous jobs have included being teachers, a GP, a biochemist, an events planner and a paramedic! Every franchisee brings with them different experiences and transferable skills. Our robust initial training and ongoing support will provide you with the expertise you need to launch and run your business.

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I’m interested, what’s the next step?

Get in touch with us, so that we can have an initial chat and also check that there is a suitable territory available for you. Then we invite you to meet with us, so that you can meet with the rest of the team at head office, and we can spend some time chatting through everything involved in running a Turtle Tots business.

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